Seven Sisters Walk–Seaford to Eastbourne, UK

As a final hike in the UK before setting off on my three-month trip to South America, it had to be a good one, and th Seven Sisters hike from Seaford to Eastbourne, just 90 minutes from London was a great choice (thanks Angela and Ben).  Stunning scenery, fantastic friends, perfect weather (unseasonably warm at >10 degrees Celsius – quite a balmy late Feb day), and a bit of a challenge for me at least with a number of steep hills – great training for Machu Picchu I guess.

Despite living in London for almost 6 years, this is one stretch of the coast I hadn’t seen, and I am glad I didn’t leave without seeing it (though undoubtedly there are many more stunning hikes that I will miss).

From the traditional seafront with cute beach huts, to the stunning limestone cliffs of the Seven Sisters, and a bit of rolling countryside thrown in – it was England at its best.The fish & chips at the end was also a nice way to finish the day (though too tired for photos by then). Hope you like the pictures (even if some were taken from a little too close to the cliff edge).

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