Another Crowded House city – Four seasons in one day

For Day 2 in Ushuaia I decided to book a hiking tour of the Tierra del Fuego National Park.  When the bus arrived it was the guide, driver and me.  The other 2 passengers had cancelled so I had a private tour – needless to say at first I was a little worried, but it in the end, it felt like trekking with a friend.

We drove the dirt road to the park and started the 3 hour coastal path – along the Beagle Channel – meeting point of forest, mountains and the sea.  The weather was calm, even though it is normally windy. This changed after lunch when the canoeing we were planning across a lake that is normally calm, was cancelled due to the wind. Like London and Melbourne before it, Ushuaia seems to be another place that you  get all weather conditions in a day!

So instead of canoeing, we did another small walk for about 90 minutes to see other parts of the forest that the park’s beavers had destroyed.  Lots more fascinating facts on plants and the indigenous people, plus the understanding that there are three seasons in Ushuaia – summer (which is now ending), winter and the ‘melting season’. No Spring or Autumn. When you look at the snow capped mountains now, just before the winter, it is easy to imagine how white this place is in the winter – so a melting season seems appropriate.

One day I may get back to see that!

2012-03-08 001 2012-03-08 007

2012-03-08 001 2012-03-08 008

2012-03-08 001 2012-03-08 016

2012-03-08 001 2012-03-08 026

2012-03-08 001 2012-03-08 036

2012-03-08 001 2012-03-08 043

2012-03-08 001 2012-03-08 057

2012-03-08 001 2012-03-08 060


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