Farewell Antarctica–Telefon Bay–Day 10

18 March 2012

After breakfast at about 10.30 we were ready for our second landing of the day, and final one of the cruise.  We were going to Telefon Bay in Deception – the site of some more volcanic craters (or calderas).

Landings 2012-03-18 124

The landscape was still like a sketch with the snow mixing with the volcanic sand – truly stunning.

Landings 2012-03-18 140

We went on a hike for about an hour up to two crater rims where you could see down into the volcano – this is still active but hasn’t seen an eruption recently – hard to imagine!

Landings 2012-03-18 147

Landings 2012-03-18 169

Our last glimpse of wildlife – some fur seals were along the beach as we walked back to the zodiacs.

Telefon Bay 2012-03-18 019

Telefon Bay 2012-03-18 022

The ride back to the boat was one of the bumpiest – but we made it back on board.  After our final lunch in Antarctica, the boat starting heading to open water and Julio forecast that we would hit the Drake about 6pm that evening.  We left the continent with about 8 hours to spare as the weather forecast was so bad.

Our afternoon lecture was on whales and the boat had already started to roll.  I started to feel queasy and my cold wasn’t helping, so had an easy afternoon.  The forecast was that we would hit the Drake about 6pm and the rolling would get worse.

Dinner at 7.30 and we were all holding on to handrails.  There were quite a few incidents where people fell off their chairs and glasses and cutlery slid across the table.  How the staff carried 8-10 plates on a tray above their head in those conditions amazes me!  They were incredible.

Having an early night to try and sleep through as much as possible of the crossing.


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