Mr Men of Antarctic Penguins

If there was one thing that we were guaranteed to see on every landing during our Antarctic cruise it was penguins.  With the different types and behaviours, it was something I didn’t get bored with.  Looking through the hundreds of penguin pictures I took at every opportunity, these are some of my favourite penguin characteristics.  Hope you like them.

Cuverville Landing & Sunset 2012-03-17 109

Mr Hungry, a Gentoo on Cuverville Island eating the ice-covered rocks – I think I watched this one for about 15 minutes as he tried in vain to move the rocks, or at least get a drink of water.

Day 5 - 13 March - Paradise Bay & Chilean Base 2012-03-13 064

Mr Sleepy, with the biting wind at the Chilean Base near Paradise Bay, there were many cute Gentoos huddled close to the ground snoozing – too cute!

Day 8 - 16 March - Petermann Island & Girard Bay 2012-03-16 014

Mr Shy, the Adelie’s were hard to find as my Antarctic cruise was so late in the season, but when we did come across some on Petermann Island, this little guy appeared shy of the photographic attention.


Mr Copycat, the Chinstrap penguins are so cute, and a little smaller than the Gentoos with whom they lived. Love this photo of the three in perfectly synchronised steps.


Mr Noisy – one of the first penguin colonies we came across in the South Shetland Islands, the noise that the penguins make is quite loud, especially as there were numerous penguins on the island.

Jougla Point Landing 2012-03-17 043

Mr Frozen – At Jougla Point, conditions were blizzard like and many of the penguins looked more white than black with the ice that accumulated on their feathers,

Do you have a favourite penguin?  Mr Noisy has become my laptop wallpaper, but not sure how long he will be there as I think they are all just too cute.


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