Do people ask that?

To kill time on the Antarctic cruise with G Adventures, there were a range of lectures and stories by the expedition staff.  Most of the time these were about the history of Antarctica – tales of the historic expeditions of Scott, Amundsen, Shackleton and Mawson where it was hard to believe exactly what these explorers had gone through; or the wildlife – birds, penguins, seals, whales; or the landscape – glaciers, ice etc.  The lectures were a way to pass the time when the weather was too bad for a shore landing and also helped us to understand and have a greater appreciation of the Antarctic continent.

I have lots of notes and hopefully by taking those, a few of the little known facts may sink in.  However one of the talks that was especially funny (and one I want to keep a record of – hence the blog post) was the questions that the crew of the MS Expedition had heard over the season.  I hope that  none were from our cruise, however you never know.  But thought it was interesting to note a few of the funny things people ask on an Antarctic cruise (and as the crew pointed out – most of the time, the questions were just expressed the wrong way).  They made us laugh anyway.

  • Do the crew sleep on the ship?
  • What happens if the water is higher than my boots?
  • Does the anchor go all the way to bottom of the sea?
  • Is this the same moon we have in Texas?
  • Are there any more undiscovered islands?
  • Did Scott die on his first or second expedition?
  • What happens to an iceberg when it melts?
  • How do I know if I am seasick?
  • Do penguins go out in this kind of weather?
  • Has this ship ever been wrecked?
  • What is the religion of the passengers wearing the patches behind their ears?  (they are actually for seasickness)

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