Farewells and a stretch of the legs

21 – 22 March 2012

Getting off our Antarctic cruise I felt at a bit of a loss.  Now the backpacking starts.  After a farewell lunch with a couple of people from the boat, I checked into the Antarctica hostel in Ushuaia.  What a change.  I have become a little bit spoilt in the last few years of travelling with friends and having my own room.  I was once again in a six bed dorm, with the showers downstairs!  Must admit, after the luxury of my arrival hotel, and the amazing cabin and service on the ship, along with constant company for the previous two weeks – I started to wonder what I was doing and was feeling a bit lonely. 

The hostel staff were lovely though and helped me out with washing (I apparently had a special offer from my hostelworld booking where I had a free bag of laundry done!), and chatting to fellow guests in the lounge.

Today, my last full day in Ushuaia I met Cathy from the cruise and we took a taxi up to the chairlift site to do a hike to the Glacier – just outside of town. 

Glacier hike 2012-03-22 008    Glacier hike 2012-03-22 017

The mountains were covered in snow – completely different to how they appeared two weeks earlier and very pretty.  We took the chairlift up the mountain and started walking up the path (despite it being shut due to snow, there were lots of people walking down).  However, about half way up, the rain came in as we both had a serious cough picked up from the cruise, and without waterproof trousers, we decided to head back.  We had the views over Ushuaia which is apparently all you see at the top in any case.

Pasta, pizza and coffee in the little cafe there soon warmed us up before we returned to the city and said our farewells.  I had just enough time to send a few postcards (actual ones), buy a magnet and attempt to send a box of warm clothes home (despite the post office being open til 5pm, you can only post things til 12 noon – Argentinian post! – so I will try that again once I get to Buenos Aires).  Back at the hostel I chatted to a few fellow travellers about our travel plans and am now starting to feel like I am settling into the life of a solo backpacker – just in time to head to Patagonia tomorrow!  Can’t wait for the next chapter of the trip!


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