From Buses to Brazil & the Amazing Iguazu Falls

5 April 2012

After a long night on the bus (about 20 hours) from Buenos Aires in which I managed to sleep pretty well thanks to the tip for a ‘cama’ seat which reclines like I imagine business class on a plane does (picture below does not show it that well) I arrived into Puerto Iguassu about 9am (2 hours after the scheduled time).

Having lost the address of the hostel, I managed to find the tourist office and then made my way there – luckily just 5 mins from bus station – I was thinking this time.

With a full day stretched in front of me, I decided that the best way to wake up was to get on a bus again and go and see the Brazil side of the Falls.  Rather than the local buses that take three buses to cross the border, I took a direct bus which wasn’t too much more and left at 10.20.  As I had been told a half a day was all you needed, I had plenty of time.

Border formalities done (again, glad I got my visa and didn’t believe guide books that say they do not check passports – they do!), we arrived at the falls.

After entering the park in Brazil, you then get another bus to the walking trails.  There are lots of additional activities, but with a half day I didn’t have time – will do some of them in Argentina.  If I ever come back – there is something to do!

Brazil side 5 April 2012-04-04 001Brazil National Park 2012-04-04 056Brazil National Park 2012-04-04 101

The first view you get of the falls is amazing – there are lots of thinner falls.  As you walk along the paths – they just keep going.  It is true – definitely panoramic views!

Brazil National Park 2012-04-04 018Brazil National Park 2012-04-04 068

Also met lots of the little bandicoot type creatures.  Whilst they looked cute – these things take two seconds to get into your bag (I put mine down to change lenses and one came sniffing around).  Soon learned not to do that again (as apparently they have a nasty bite and can carry rabies – no thank you!)

Brazil side 5 April 2012-04-04 002Brazil side 5 April 2012-04-04 022

Managed to ask a few people to take some pictures of me, but as it is holidays this week, the park was so crowded – so I only had them in the non-peak spots! Though I think every view was amazing! and when we got to the Devil’s Throat, the spray was a welcome respite from the heat and humidity!

Brazil National Park 2012-04-04 117Brazil National Park 2012-04-04 112

At the end of the walk I grabbed some lunch in the park (bad idea – as it was so busy) and a fresh pineapple juice (best decision all day) and headed back to the park entrance.  I got the last direct bus back to Argentina – 5pm – so my tip – allow a full day on the Brazil side of the Falls too – even though the walk isn’t too long – they are incredible to just watch and photograph.  The hundreds of falls, forest paths and the rainbows that appear on a sunny day are all amazing.  I am not sure how the Argentina side will top the views today – but apparently I will get much closer.

After a quick bowl of pasta in town, having an early night in my hostel – hopefully get some sleep as it is very hot and muggy here. Guess I need to get used to summer weather.

I will load photos of the Argentina side of the Falls next – you can then help me decide which is best!


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