Living it up in Lima

7 April 2012

Travelling with someone I know again! Arriving into Lima late at night it was great to meet up with Alex.  Our hotel was in the Miraflores area – one of the more affluent parts of Lima city.

As we have more time in Lima at the end of the tour, decided to have a relaxed day and just look around the area.

We walked down to the shopping centre on the cliff top overlooking the beach.  A lovely place to relax and just wander around.  I must admit, it could have been anywhere in the world with international restaurants and shops – but we will see the real Peru in the coming weeks.

Day 1 - Lima - Miraflores 2012-04-07 005Day 1 - Lima - Miraflores 2012-04-07 013

A lovely long lunch overlooking the ocean with frozen lemonade (no bubbles!), scallops, chicken and steak was a nice welcome to Peru.

Day 1 - Lima - Miraflores 2012-04-07 016Day 1 - Lima - Miraflores 2012-04-07 012

We watched the parasailers glide past, and I just enjoyed the sea breeze and views of the ocean.  Hard to believe that all around the city is a desert!

Day 1 - Lima - Miraflores 2012-04-07 024Day 1 - Lima - Miraflores 2012-04-07 030

After a long lunch we walked along the waterfront for a little while which was really pretty, before heading back to the hotel to meet up with our group.

We had our first taste of Pisco in a welcome cocktail, and met a few of the group and our leader.  The typical warnings of – things may change etc were mentioned and once formalities were over, a few of us went out for dinner and several ‘free pisco sours’ in a street of restaurants that reminded me of Spain or the negotiations for the best deal on Brick Lane in London.

Tomorrow we leave Lima and head down the coast!


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