Our first long drive– Lima to Paracas

8 April 2012

Today we saw the desert! After a leisurely morning in Lima where we repacked our bags and went to the local supermarket to stock up on snacks for our first long bus trip, we met up with the rest of the group (some of which had arrived later the night before), to take our first long drive down the coast to Paracas.

The drive highlighted that we were in the desert.  Long stretches of nothing but sand – the landscape almost looked like a large quarry with nothing growing – however on the whole, the roads were pretty good and we only had a slight hiccup with a detour that made the drive about 90 minutes longer than the planned five hours (they had made the normal dual carriageway road to Lima into a one way only due to the amount of traffic returning to the city on Easter Sunday after the holiday – so traffic leaving the city had to take the scenic route!

Day 2 - Paracas & Pisco 2012-04-08 002Day 2 - Paracas & Pisco 2012-04-08 005

Once we got to Paracas there was just enough time to restock on bottled water and go for dinner on the waterfront where most of us had fish – as Eduardo, our guide said that while we are on the coast, the best thing to eat is the fish!


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