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Despite wanting to set up a travel blog for a few years, 2012 has been the year to do it for a number of reasons.

My March to May 2012 trip to South America really pushed forward the idea, and confirming it with a written New Year’s resolution whilst with a great group of friends in the Cotswolds meant I can’t go back on it.

Furthermore, with the help of Twitter and guest blogging for work, I have read a great number of other travel blogs out there and thought it must be possible.  Some of the bloggers/ blogs that have helped are listed below, and I hope to build on this page as I meet and read more travel or photography blogs! – My first twitter conversation who asked ‘Will you be blogging?’ – thanks for being interested – thanks for the tips on Antarctica and travel ideas generally – thanks for reasuurance on Antarctica! – thanks for recommendations on WordPress themes – even if I didn’t use them, started me looking again & – for interesting content & guest posting opportunities – for fab tips on South America travels! – for great ideas on Italy! Will need to go back a few more times to see them all.


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